Once again, my old friend George Braun entered the picture with a phone call and an offer to compose some music for three Folon digitally-animated commercials for Tokyo Gas of Japan. Obviously, just to be involved in a project with Jean-Michel was an honor to which I could not say "No." Knowing that making a 'commercial' for Japan is not the same as in the U.S., I felt that this was a great creative opportunity. So, I submitted a cross-section of my recorded work Folon Steve Khan Poster 1980including selections from the just recorded "LOCAL COLOR." After some consideration, the Japanese production company responded and said that they wanted new compositions which, in spirit and attitude, resembled "Candles"(from "ARROWS"); and "Tafiya" and "The Blue Rose"(from "LOCAL COLOR"). The titles for these three pieces, like many song titles from earlier tunes, came from my view of what a Folon painting looked like to me. And, I saw images that suggested: "Tree of Building"(because there was a tree and the leaves were all concrete structures); "Warm Blue Town"; and "In a Star's Arms." You should understand that Folon was trying to project an image of a gas and electric company trying to work hand-in-hand with nature. In principle, an environmentally sound concept. What's nice about the recording process is that they want you to just go in and do what you'd normally do. So, we went in and just played and, as usual, the tracks were long. The Japanese production company then edited together the pieces they needed to make commercials which were :15, :30 and :60 in length. At the time, my entire old catalog from "EVIDENCE" forward had been picked-up by Polydor K.K. of Japan, and they decided to take these three new tracks and make a "Best Of" package to be titled "HELPING HAND." In the end, it was such a thrill to hear the music with the beautiful computer-animated Folon visuals.

Folon Tokyo Gas Storyboard

[1]   Tree of Building(Steve Khan)(10:06)
[2]   Where's Mumphrey?(Khan, Jackson, Jordan, Badrena)(7:26)
[3]   The Suitcase(Khan, Jackson, Jordan, Badrena)(5:01)
[4]   In a Silent Way(Joe Zawinul)(4:49)
[5]   Warm Blue Town(Steve Khan)(7:47)
[6]   Blades(Steve Khan)(10:47)
[7]   Infant Eyes(Wayne Shorter(4:23)
[8]   Dr. Slump(Steve Khan)(8:22)
[9]   In a Star's Arms(Steve Khan)(4:37)
[10] Penetration(Steve Leonard)(6:16)

Graphic: Folon poster from 1980
Folon Tokyo Gas Original Storyboard from 1987