As I was preparing to record "SUBTEXT," I wanted to write a piece of music using the Cumbia rhythms from Colombia, along with the sounds of Vallenato, a music where the accordion is a primary instrument. I knew that Gil Goldstein was the only guy around here who could possibly fulfill that role, and bring some of our Jazz sensibilities to what is now: Cada Gota de Mar.
    I have always loved the photos of what I thought was an "ACCORDION MONUMENT" in front of the Coliseo in Valledupar, Colombia, the center for the Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata each year. I didn't realize that the artists featured on the plaques were the great singers of the genre, and NOT the great accordionists!!! They were Jorge Oñate, Diomedes Díaz, and Poncho Zuleta.
    As a joke, I asked my dear friend and Grammy-winning graphic designer, Janet Perr to morph Gil's photo into one of the plaques. Not only did she do that, she even placed his name beneath!!! Now, I just decided to share it with everyone, even if few can relate to the humor involved.

Gil Goldstein Accordion Immortal