Some fun Warren Bernhardt trivia. In 1968, Warren played in one of the earliest Jazz-Rock Fusion experiments in a band led by flautist Jeremy Steig and they recorded an album for Reprise Records titled, "JEREMY & THE SATYRS"! The members of that quintet were: Warren Bernhardt (Keyboards); Adrian Guillery (Guitar & Vocals); Eddie Gómez (Ac. Bass) and Donald McDonald (Drums). In one of the most amazing graphic design decisions by Ed Thrasher, the back cover included "photos" of each musician - except there's quite a twist.

    The rather crusty, grungy and blurry photos were actually the New York City Cabaret Cards for each player. In those days, in order to play in any club or bar WITH DRUMS - that establishment had to have a "cabaret license"! And so, the players had to have one as well. These photos resemble something more akin to police mug shots and even the dreaded passport or driver's license photos. As I actually owned one of these LPs, Warren and I would periodically have a laugh about the photos on that back cover. After looking at this page several times, it suddenly came to me that Eddie Gómez' photo looks like Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau, and even better than that - he resembles Peter Sellers' Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, one his many characters in Stanley Kubrick's brilliant and timeless, "DR. STRANGELOVE."

    I hope that some of you will enjoy seeing the collage that I created to honor the memory of those who have left us: Jeremy Steig, Adrian Guillery, Donald McDonald, and now, our dear Warren Bernhardt.

Jeremy & The Satyrs - Back Cover Photos (Reprise Records) 1968