For over 20 yrs. I've been so fortunate to have the artwork of Folon grace virtually all of my CD covers from "TIGHTROPE" to "GOT MY MENTAL." Folon Caricature For those of you who have loved his artwork and wanted to see more of it, now you can visit his fantastic website with a simple click. As Jean-Michel just passed away this past October 20th, I will hope that everyone will take a moment to visit his site, and pay their respects in some cosmic form. Sleep with the angels my dear friend!
One of the nice things about living in New York City is that you're exposed to all kinds of interesting perspectives in art and when Rob Mounsey and I needed an image for our '87 CD "LOCAL COLOR" we chose something by New Mexico's Doug West. The forthcoming cover of "THE GREEN FIELD" will feature another beautiful piece. My living room, which has a Southwest flavor to it, is adorned by several of Doug's posters. If you have enjoyed his beautiful images of the American Southwest, then this link to his page will put you right there.
As Rob and I recently collaborated on "YOU ARE HERE," and I've learned so much from him about computers and the successful operation of a website, I'd like to guide some of you to Rob's homepage where you can become more familiar with Rob's interests and perspectives.
I discovered the work of Ned Shaw while I was just looking through one of the local papers in New York one day. I had always wanted to, at least once, have a CD cover done with caricatures, after seeing Ned's style and work I knew that he was the artist for the job. Since the "PUBLIC ACCESS" CD cover from '89, Ned has worked on several projects for me and his wonderful caricature image of me is now a huge part of this site. In addition to his own site, we have also posted a very special Ned Shaw Gallery.
Around the same time that I discovered the work of Jean-Michel Folon while browsing in the "poster art" galleries here in New York City, I came upon the wondrous work of Michel Granger. Not so long ago, via the wonders of the Internet, I sent him a simple "fan e-mail" and, he responded. Since that time, we have developed a very warm friendship, and I value that so very much. It will be my hope that one of his fantastic images will grace a CD cover of mine someday soon. Please visit his site, and marvel at the scope and depth of his work. I admire him greatly, especially for the beauty of his images, his sense of humor, and his forceful politics!
Truly one of the great, great photographers of Jazz musicians on this earth. How wonderful are his portraits of so many artists. They seem to define the person, and his or her music. On top of all this, he is a person of great integrity and humility!!! I buy his calendars each year and send them out as gifts to friends.
Janet Perr, the Grammy Award winning graphic designer,Yiddish for Dogs | Hip-Hop for Dogs | Yiddish for Babies and I have known each other since our years together at Columbia Records. We even lived in the same building in the Chelsea section of New York City during the same time frame. When it came time to have a top-notch design for "THE GREEN FIELD" Janet was the first person that I thought of. A little searching via the Web, and I found her. Since then, we have collaborated on both "BORROWED TIME" and "THE SUITCASE." Working together has always been full of fun and laughs. But above all, she is my friend, a great, great designer, and now a published author as well. "YIDDISH FOR DOGS" and "HIP-HOP FOR DOGS," her first two books, are already best sellers! COMING SOON: "YIDDISH FOR BABIES" Oy!!
Recently, I finally decided to get my antiquated pedalboard system updated. Since the mid-'80s, I had been using my Ibanez EBL-5 Effects Pedalboard which the great Harry Kolbe had customized for me by installing a micro-mixer so that my two delays could come out in stereo. However, over the years, I had encountered a most annoying problem when I would suddenly lose volume at the most inopportune moments: playing live, in concert, or worse yet, recording. I was hoping to get this problem solved once and for all. Upon the hearty recommendation of Teddy Kumpel, I contacted Tom Peck. I can only say that he did a superb job on every level from understanding my particular needs, to a design that would keep the unit within the confines of my equipment road case. He was very caring and diligent about the smallest of details, and I am so very pleased with the results. Oh, and by the way, Tom also designed my good friend, John Scofield's boards. I could not recommend anyone more highly!
For over 20 years I've taken my instruments to Sadowsky Guitars for all my maintenance needs. I go there with complete confidence and trust in the kind of care my guitars will receive. Roger, Frank and the rest of the staff are the reason that virtually all the top players in the New York area (and far, FAR beyond) come to them for their instruments and the after-care. They were even able to solve the mystery of the 'green mold' on the pick-ups to my Gibson Super 400, and believe me, THAT was scary! If you're ever in New York please visit the shop!
As a fan of great web design, when I first saw the website of Larry Goldings, I was so impressed with the design work of Zoe Matthiessen and Mik Garrison. They are creative, very personal and their sites are clean, clear, and easy to navigate. Since then, I love the sites that they have designed for other friends and colleagues like: Bob Mintzer and Peter Bernstein. So, if you're considering having a website designed for you? I would certain consider Zoe and Mik.
I am not at all afraid to confess that I have been enlisting the aid of Andy Robinson's brilliant program called "Transcribe!" for some years now. Believe it or not, this incredible technological aid was originally recommended to me by the great Michael Brecker. He had been struggling with some Hungarian, I believe, clarinet music and was praising this program to the skies for helping to understand the various mannerisms in that most complex of styles. I heartily recommend this program to anyone interested in study. Andy has also been very hands-on when I needed to ask him a question about how something in particular functioned. Needless to say, that kind of personal care goes a long, long ways!!!
Here are a few of the most direct ways to find out what's going on in the world of Latin music in New York City, and around the world. For those of you who seek to learn more about this wonderful music, and the artists who make it, first try Martin Cohen's site! Martin is the founder of LP/Latin Percussion, and brings us one of the most fun and informative sites on the Web. I can't even begin to keep up with all of Martin's activities and adventures. You might also want to try: Chékete!(a Manolo Badrena-ism) ¡Gosa lo!
Having just returned from a 2-week European tour w/ Terri Lyne Carrington, Greg Osby, and Jimmy Haslip, where we finished with a concert in Dortmund, Germany; I was lucky enough to be asked to pose for some photo portraits and was really pleased with the results. I had seen Mark Wohlrab's photos adorning the walls of the club, and his artistry was obvious. If you're interested in viewing photos of some of your favorite jazz musicians, please take a moment and visit this wonderful site.
Peter's site, without question, was one of the first great influences on my site. His site showed me the way on just how to organize one's pages, and just how to share one's knowledge and experiences with everyone. Not only is Peter one of my favorite musicians, he's always been a wonderful, warm, and dear friend, and has been of immense help to me during the best of times and the worst of times as well. Please take a moment and visit this great drummer's website!!! "Hey man, we've got to save the planet!!!"
Without any question, here is one of the greatest sources for educational materials in the jazz field. Jamey and his service have been pioneers in this area for years and can solve virtually any need you might have in this area. The play-along CDs & booklets are among the best you could find!
This "Nashville Rocker" was kind enough to want to include me on his links page, where he salutes some fantastic guitarists like: Larry Carlton; Brent Mason; Reggie Young; Pat Metheny; John McLaughlin; Lenny Breau; Joe Pass; and Jonathan Kreisberg. Plus drummers such as: Steve Gadd; Dave Weckl; and Vinnie Colaiuta. To be in such company is really a thrill. Thanks Chris!!!
Though I am an absolute newcomer to computers and the beauties of the 'Net,' I have been searching around for the work of some of my favorite artists. As you would now know from previous pages, I love the art and culture of the American Southwest. Growing-up in Los Angeles, rich with so much Spanish and Mexican culture, I came to love the paintings of both Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. It wasn't until I had moved to New York that I stumbled upon the work of Amado Peña who adds images of Native Americans to the beautiful scenes. Enjoy visiting their homepages when the mood strikes.
For all you early fusion nuts who remember the first "DREAMS" LP cover, it was a nice take-off on a famous painting by René Magritte, also one of my favorite artists. I recently located this wonderful website for viewing so much of his work. It all really looks beautiful there too. I guess I'm always drawn to work which has a certain thread running through it. Magritte has several recurring themes and perhaps you'll find a way to connect with them as well.
It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 30 yrs. since he arrived in New York City to join Dreams and eventually become one of our most important bass players. It may seem so simple to some, but Will is such a tremendous bassist and musician because he never forgets the fundamental role of his instrument. He truly brings out the best in everyone he accompanies. It would be impossible to acknowledge all that I've learned from Will over the years, but perhaps when I think of him, I'm always reminded to 'laugh at myself' and not to take things so damn seriously! Keep that in mind when you visit Will Lee's Funk House, perhaps the most entertaining of all musicians' websites. Right on, "Bad!"
If you haven't taken the time to check-out Greg Osby, here's your chance to acquaint yourself with the wonderfully unique perspectives of this most interesting of musicians. I had a great time playing music with him, and an equally great time getting to know him personally. For me, the melodies to tunes like "Heard" and "Concepticus in C" have become classics!
Recently, I received an e-mail asking me if I would write an "Accolade" for the launching of Steve Gadd's "Official" website. How could I possibly refuse to do that? Though we no longer get to see each other often enough, the experience of making music with Steve has left a strong and lasting impression with me. His new site looks really wonderful and promises to keep his fans fully updated on all his musical activities. And, you can even learn about his beautiful family, pets, and interests apart from music. I also contributed a special soundclip, along with lead sheets, to a great "Steve Gadd moment", from my personal archives when we were both members of Steve Marcus' Count's Rock Band in 1975, alongside Don Grolnick and Will Lee. This is from a board tape of a 'live' gig. Don't miss it!!!
During June of '05, while mixing "THE GREEN FIELD" @ Avatar Studios, our assistant engineer showed me the greatest website. It has now become, without question, my favorite place to go when I am in need of a laugh. If you just can't believe the things that people say to one another, especially New Yorkers; If you can't believe how stupid and trivial we really are, then you have to go to this site and start reading and scrolling down. Just take on the voice and personality of those indicated and you'll be picking yourself up off of the floor too!!! For example:

Chick #1: One of my earphones on my iPod is completely busted.
Chick #2: Why? Do you listen to it really loud?
Chick #1: Yeah, on the subway. I try to drown out the noise.
Chick #2: I wish they made iPods for the nose, so you could drown out the smell.

--Life Cafe Nine 83, Bushwick
If you have never ventured into the wondrous world of the music, philosophy, harmony and, of course, the guitar of Mick Goodrick, then this is your chance to open up new vistas for yourself, and your students. It is hard to describe what a great resource any of his books could be for you!!! I know that "THE ADVANCING GUITARIST" has been in my library for years, and I would never part with it. Alongside his partner, Mitch Haupers, Mick has done everything humanly possible to share his life's work with us all. If we can direct a few of you there, I would be most happy!!!
O.K.! If you've been looking for that odd-ball, off-the-wall part for your instrument, this is the place and the site where you must go!!! Wow! I've found some great tools here which have enabled me, moron that I am, to do minor repairs to my instruments at home, or while traveling. My most recent acquisition was the tool for adjusting those weird screws for the stop-tailpiece of a Gibson 335. It has turned me into a regular "Bob Vila" of home guitar repair. Well, not quite!!!!